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Radosław Domalewski, an advocate, provides complex legal services all over Poland, basing on his knowledge and experience gained during cooperation with the largest Polish law offices. His Law Office provides legal services using the expert knowledge of the best lawyers, legal and tax advisors, without having to bear costs typical of a large team of lawyers.

The existing cooperation with law offices from Mińsk Mazowiecki, the knowledge of this market's realities and provision of services to natural persons and legal entities from this region were the decisive factors in the establishment of a branch of the Law Office.

Provision of legal services in Mińsk Mazowiecki by the Radosław Domalewski Law Office will enable the Clients from this region to use complex legal services so far reserved for large urban centres only and pay the local rates for them.

Radosław Domalewski Law Office

Lawyer’s fees

Taking into account the circumstances of each case, in particular the preferences and expectations of the client, we determine our fees with each client individually. Fees may be paid on the flat-rate basis for performance of a given order or be based on hourly calculation of the actual work time devoted to a given problem.


The concept behind Legal Alliance is cooperation with the best lawyers operating in various fields of law, which makes it possible to use their specialist knowledge for selecting the best legal solutions. The combination of an individual approach to each client, so typical of a small law office, and the possibility to use the knowledge and experience of the specialists makes it possible to select the most effective solution without the need to bear costs so typical of a large law office. In selecting legal solutions the Law Office takes into account the actual needs of the client and offers a range of services including complete support for the given project.

European order
for payment

One of the Law Office’s specialties is legal assistance in recovering debts from debtors based both in Poland and abroad. The European order for payment is a legal instrument that facilitates recovery of debts from entities based in the European Union. Cooperation with foreign law offices improves the enforcement proceeding. The Law Office also encourages to cooperation foreign entities that need to recover debts from a Polish debtor, including by means of the European order for payment.


Complexities of perpetual usufruct, resulting from the civil code and the real estate management act are one of the areas where advocate Radosław Domalewski has been successfully providing services for many years. Assistance in solving problems of raised charges for perpetual usufruct may both consist in representation of the perpetual lessee before the Local Government Board of Appeal and at the stage of the court proceeding, as well as at the stage of transforming the right of perpetual usufruct into a property right.

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